Why use a Tennis Ball Machine like Boomer?

There are many reasons to use a tennis ball machine. But to use a machine that shoots a ball back when it sees your shot in is like playing a point. You will learn one of the few concepts, a machine like boomer, can teach. Timing! According to Robert Gibson Timing is the third to success at anything you do. Timing is Power on the court and off. With a pro working with you, you can learn true power and control.

Most players use a wall to get their 1 million strokes in a year. It is good for; timing of the grip, learning a point of contact for a ball straight forward stroke, reaction time, how to get beat by a player at the net, and if you are aggressive you can get a cardio workout by hitting angles. So why do you want to use a ball machine like Boomer?

Here are just a few suggestions:

  1. Consistency (the machine can play better than a back board shooting balls: left, right, deep, short, high, low, heavy topspin, to wicked backspin, hard, soft, fast, slow)
  2. Direction (this machine can use direction in multiple ways: places the ball based on where you hit the ball according to programing [thinking, the machine selects a shot based on the shot mix already setup and the Depth, Width and Speed of your shot ], user defined (like most machines hit left hit right [but Boomer allows you to hit 11 directions for 30 shots not just endless], Coach programed (point replication Wide, Wide, Jam)
  3. Depth (this machine can create depth, by power rating, elevation, speed, and/or spin.)
  4. Height (this machine creates the height of the balls being shot by changing elevation, and spin.)
  5. Spin (is generated by the moving of 2 wheels at different speeds and direction. No side spin or golfers slice)
  6. Power (is generated by level and combining spin and speed)
  7. Speed (is custom set or by level)
  8. Shot Selection / Sequence (You can program the same points over and over until you learn how to win or put in the winning point at this year’s US Open to learn how win against the PRO’s)
  9. Match and Tie-Breaker play (Boomer can play full Matches or Tie-Breakers calling the lines and keeping score. From beginner to undefeated 7.0 NTRP Ranking Level)
  10. Analytics (Boomer tracks all the shots he hits at you and all the shots you hit back including depth, width, speed, and Rating level)

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that’s impossible, no one can get that, and as the player walks away thinking they have won the point, the player on the other side hits the shot back for a winner. Remember, just because you have never met anyone that can hit your shot dosen’t mean they are not alive and well somewhere else in the world. Many players won’t play against a backboard or a machine because they think they can’t win. With Boomer, if you play above the level he is set at you can win but in the same breath he has a level that has never been beaten. The question is are you going to train to beat the best, Boomer! at that level and become better than Federer, Nadal, Sampras, Djokovic, Navratilova, Graf, Evert, on the Court. I have not completely tested boomer to see exactly the most balls this machine can hit in one hour but my players and their drills for private training lessons average 600 – 800 strokes an hour ( the same as playing a 5 set match 271 points average 3 strokes per point or 813 strokes). I have seen boomer hit 1435 strokes an hour. I am sure he can hit more but most players can’t keep up with that pace. If you want to try Call Robert at (919) 522 – 9463.

Six of the Nine points up above are from Tennis Channels News clip on the Brain Game: Seven Ways to Force an Error by Craig O’Shannessy . The last 4 are contributed by Boomer, Do It Right Sports and Robert Gibson.


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