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We at Do It Right Sports appreciate all reviews and will remember them as we do working with you. Thank you all for allowing us to share our knowledge, experience and equipment with you and your tennis player friends and family. We strive to give you more than your money’s worth in every Tennis Lesson, Tennis Class, Tennis Coaching session and hope to leave you as satisfied Customer and gain you as friends.

Juan Carlos C.Juan Carlos C.        Raleigh, NC        2/1/2014

My kids go to Coach Allen classes, they have improved dramatically in a short period of time. They can’t wait to start again in the spring.
Keira My name is Keira.  I am 7 years old.  I love to play tennis with Boomer and Coach Robert.  I love to play stop and go.  Tennis is fun because I get to play with my friends and Coach Robert. 

Luis Luis                                       Created on 02/01/14

My kids go to coach Allen tennis classes, they have improved dramatically in a short period of time. I will recommend his services to everybody.

Dk H.Dk H.        Raleigh, NC        1/28/2014

My son has worked with Coach Gibson for 4 years. He is a great Coach. He also uses the Boomer ball machine. Kids enjoy playing with Boomer and the funny comments that Boomer shouts out.

R L.R L.        Raleigh, NC        1/25/2014

My son and daughter have both taken from coach Gibson, and he really cares about kids improving and holistically as well. the young kids are kept interested with fun and interesting games. have fun.

Charles J.Charles J.        Cary, NC        1/18/2014

  • Highly recommended tennis instructor for all levels. Robert brings a passion to teaching the game of tennis like no other instructor.

Jace H.Jace H.        Safford, AZ        12/25/2013

Allen was an excellent instructor for my child. He had no prior experience and in a short time he had the confidence and ability to play with kids a couple of years older. Allen is very enthusiastic and actually cares about everyone he works with. He is an excellent coach for all ages and uses state of the art equipment to improve all skills needed to be a successful tennis player. I would recommend Allen for all levels and enjoy working with him.

Matt G.Matt G.        Cary, NC        7/25/2012

Robert is an excellent tennis teaching professional. Highly recommended for all levels.


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