Private Personal Tennis Lessons

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Physical Tennis Lessons

Motor Skills, Conditioning, Speed Agility and Quickness, Strength, Nutrition, Flexibility, Medical

 Residential // $65.00

Techncal Tennis Instruction

Tracking Skills, Racquet Skills, Ball Control, Shot Fundamental, Movement footwork, Developing Weapons

Residential // $65.00

Tactical Tennis Coaching

Consistency, Placement, Patterns, Spins, Power, Shot Selection, Competitive Situations

Residential // $65.00

Strategic Tennis Teacher

Repetition, Recognizing Strengths, Game Style, Surfaces, Game Situations, Match Situations, Tournament Situations

Residential // $65.00

Mental Tennis education

Self-esteem, Independence, Discipline, Temperament, Concentration, Sportsmanship, Goal Setting, Competitive Readiness

Residential // $65.00

Environment  Tennis Instructor

Fun, Social, Home, Economic, Competitive

Residential // $65.00