Calendars and Appointments

How to use the Calendars?

It is simple click on a Calendar see a time available or search for a specific Date and Time. If the Time slot has a zero in the first number 0, 0 /5, 0/6, 0/8, 0/16 the Time slot is available with the second number being the max number of people allowed to sign up. When you click on the time slot it will prompt you to sign in. If it is your first time, you need to create a new user account and fill in the information. The Information is only used to cancel due to emergency or bad weather it is never sold to other companies. Login and click New Reservation please add Participants name, notes, and check email notification so that you can get a notification  reminder of the appointment. Log out and you are done. Click month view or week view and you will see a green check mark on all of your appointments for that site.


Time slots with a number in the title are city registered group classes. The calendar is used to let the instructor know of days the student may have conflicts with the schedule. Registration is done by going to a city community center or going to  Reclink the city online registration page, which you can get to via the following  link View upcoming tennis classes at Lake Lynn.

What Classes are Offered?

View upcoming tennis classes at Lake Lynn.

Lessons with Robert AND Boomer at Lake Lynn are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Boomer in Cary is available other times by appointment through Outdoor Sitter. Private Lessons with Robert are available at Lake Lynn Monday through Thursday evenings and Monday – Saturday during the day  through  Outdoor Sitter.  To reserve a time with Boomer, or a private lesson with Robert, request an appointment by using the links to the right. Pay for the session using Raleigh Reclink or at any city community center with cash, check or Credit Card.

An Outdoor Sitter is available on Mondays-Fridays 8:00am – 2:00 pm and Saturdays. Pay for Outdoor sitting using paypal or in person with Check or Cash.

If you have any questions, use the contact form below to write Robert or call Robert at 919-522-9463.

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“Sharing Time: On the Right Path”

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