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    Welcome to Do It Right Tennis.  Do It Right Tennis is an organization which delivers to Tennis Players, their sponsors, coaches and Pros, Tennis Analytics.  Which build and strengthen an individual in a life time sport through personal interface, advance robotics and a digital delivery system. In short you learn life skills at a faster rate using a life-time sport Tennis.

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    Alexa Dwomoh is the last person in 2015 to hit me with all five strokes. But even greater than that she became the second person ever to hit me All Five Strokes twice !!! Congratulations Alexa !! This being after a whole year of working diligently, studying her strokes, building her confidence, working on her concentration, she culminated the year by being the 18th person to hit the all five strokes. This is no small task even for a 13 year old. You see most people think that only Pro’s can accomplish tasks like this or like hitting a bottle off the top of someone’s head. Roger Federer did it as a Pro. Alexa Dwomoh did it while studying tennis with Robert Allen Gibson and  Do It Right Sports.

    It has only been a couple weeks since Alexa hit me with all five strokes when Matt Garten became the first person in 2016 to hit me all five strokes also becoming the 19th player since 2006. He was also a witness to Nishant 4 weeks ago when he became the 17th player. Many of my students have come close with four hits even those that have hit me before with all five strokes, have hit me zero strokes out of the five since. This is not an easy task when you have been trained that you need to warm up before you play. The difference between these five strokes verses any other strokes is that they are for your picture. It shows me if you know the stroke so well that you can do it any time you want with warm-up, without warm-up, in a suit, in your pajamas, hard court, clay court, 30°, 120°, doesn’t matter can you do five strokes in a row? Congratulations Matt For setting the pace for 2016.

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    We also build Champions by making sure players understand the nutritional needs and balance needed within the body to recover quickly through proper hydration and use of nutritional supplements. As with all things; Preparation, Concentration, Timing and Visualization are necessary to build a nutritionally strong body. Eating your heavy carbs and protein the night before your performance, drinking the right amount of water daily, having a good breakfast, all timed properly will allow the body to perform at it’s best. Do It Right Sports unpaid endorsement for the products is on this post, if you care to read it and see the statistics around Robert Gibson’s  use of the Advocare nutritionals.

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    Are you ready to add a professional hitting partner and a statistician to your team?  We have the first advanced tennis analytics center in Cary and Raleigh, North Carolina, using Boomer – the Advanced Tennis Robot.  Tennis students from Cary, Morrisville and Raleigh Working with our center incorporate tennis analytics in their training program. They have added a Statistician to their team that tracks their ability to read the ball and not the player. They are learning to take the analytics off the court and re-enforcing their pictures of the game and see the tactics they are using to win points. It is easier to set goals and track progress. We make working with different pros better, easier and more cost effective.


    In Cary

    Take your organization to the top in the tennis industry at a fraction of the cost. Working with Do It Right Tennis, we can turn your facility into a tennis analytics center. Boomer can play with you at whatever level you are– beginner to pro.  He will rate your shots, measure your speed, serve, and act as a common ball machine if that is what you want. He will tell you where you need to improve, and plot your progress over time. He can train you or work with your tennis trainer remotely.  Schedule your appointment today.  Why use a Ball Machine?

    We are located at the Lake Lynn Tennis Courts off Ray Road in Raleigh. We offer a USPTA certified tennis coach for private or group tennis lessons, sports training, and Boomer analysis with optional video analysis.

    We want to build your game to win at all levels through your life time career in tennis as a social player or a competitive Middle School team player, High School team player, College player, State | Regional | National Level player and even Professional.  It would be an honor to represent Raleigh/Morrisville/Cary areas as your coach/tennis instructor/tennis friend. Are you ready to get started.

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    “There is nothing training cannot do. Nothing is above its reach. It can turn bad morals to good; it can destroy bad principles and recreate good ones; it can lift men to angelship. ”
    Mark Twain (1835-1910)